Heal Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes


Not just any book, Heal Your Gut is an enlightening and motivating book that promotes inner gut health, bringing about realistic and practical healing to the body. It includes a healing program that is divided into 4 phases, which you’ll be able to follow one at a time. This E-book features over 50 sweet and savoury recipe inspirations with healthy wholefoods and natural ingredients.

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Heal Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes is a book that motivates you to heal your gut. The importance of healing your gut is essential to living a health conscious lifestyle. Just like the logic behind a garden that only thrives when the soil is healthy. A healthy soil needs healthy food and nutrients. In a similar logic, if we provide our bodies with healthy, all-natural and easily digestible foods, we are helping our gut to function optimally, without the need for dietary supplements. This book features over 50 sweet and delicious recipe inspirations including natural wholefoods and healthy ingredients. You’ll definitely love these recipes which you can prepare during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. It also includes mouth-watering snacks and refreshing beverages. Unlike the typical fad diet and juice cleansing, these recipes are more fulfilling.

Why Heal Your Gut Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes is a must-have for health enthusiasts?

  • Inspires and motivates us to start healing within the gut to promote optimum function
  • Features over 50 sweet and delicious recipes that help promote healthy gut
  • Recipes that you can use or build ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert
  • It also provides ideas for delicious snacks and refreshing beverages

Recommended Use:

Indulge yourself in this book’s helpful and inspiring program and fulfilling recipes for optimum gut health.

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