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Are you having a bad day because you missed out on your regular enemas? Do you need a new enema kit or do you simply need to replace some parts? Like the tubing and tip perhaps? You’re in luck; you can purchase a stainless steel bucket tube and tip only for your enemas. You can save money because this is way cheaper compared to buying a new kit.

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Needing a new tube and tip for your EnemaKits Stainless Steel bucket?? Try this Tube and Tip only, so you can resume your regular enemas without delay. This is a high quality tubing and tip that will suit your stainless steel bucket enema equipment without issues.

It’s easy to use and quick to start using. This is a great option if you’re looking to find ways to save money. If you don’t have to buy new equipment, don’t do so. These parts can be purchased separately and you can decide how man you’d like to purchase.

Stainless Steel Bucket Tube and Tip only features:

Good quality, easy and quick to use
Well suited for Stainless Steel Enema Bucket
Allows you to save money
Can be purchased separately

Recommended Use:

You can easily start using this product, just replace the old tube and tip parts.

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