Silicone Enema Kit (2 litre)


This is the top of the range enema kit, made from high quality silicone. It has a 2 litre liquid capacity, and a silicone tip for ease of use. The open top makes it much easier to clean, as well as dry out after use to prevent mould growing in the kit. It is also see through, so you can easily see when all the coffee has drained from the kit into the colon. It is our biggest selling kit, and the one recommended to purchase if you are wanting to invest in a quality long lasting product for your enema journey.


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Silicone Enema Kit 2 L –

If you’re looking for a premium quality enema kit, you can’t get anything better than the Silicone Enema Kit in the market. The silicone enema kit has an open top, with a 2 litre capacity and is an easy to use. Use this to get a thorough cleanse in the comfort of your home.

The open top makes it much easier to clean, as well as dry out after use to prevent mould growing in the kit. It is also see through, so you can easily see when all the coffee has drained from the kit into the colon. It is our biggest selling kit, and the one recommended to purchase if you are wanting to invest in a quality long lasting product for your enema journey.

– premium, durable silicone enema bag

– 130cm of flexible silicone tubing

– easy to hang hook

– 2 litre liquid holding capacity

– silicone tip for ease of use

– flow control clamp

– Full Instructions & cleaning guide


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Dimensions 35 × 20 × 5 cm

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47 reviews for Silicone Enema Kit (2 litre)

  1. Crystal (verified owner)

    5/5! I can’t believe how great this product is. It is every bit as good as I was hoping and easier to clean and dry then I was expecting.

    I received my enema kit from Enema Kits Australia a few weeks ago and am now using it daily. I have already noticed some great changes in my health. Combined with an improved diet I have finally got rid of my itchy skin that reacts to everything, even my work mates have commented on how lovely my skin is and asking what I have been using for it. I have noticed a lessening in my anxiety levels, and the ringing in my ears. I believe that this product has assisted in the intense healing I have been experiencing.
    I would recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about starting any kind of enemas to help in their healing journey. Easy to clean and dry (even though I use mine daily it has always dried between usage), easy to fold up & light for travel.
    Thanks so much, I will be recommending to anyone who asks.

  2. Eddie Chew (verified owner)

    I am amazed that the Silicone Enema Kit is so fast, easy to use and clean compared to the bulb irrigator I previously used to labour alot. Hence I have increased the frequency of my enemas.
    I believe my bowel regularity has been restored during the 6 weeks I have commenced using the Silicone Enema Kit. Other noticeable benefits of enemas I have experienced are glowing skin and less bloated belly .
    I normally do my enemas before bed time and I found that I get a long undisturbed sleep and waking up lighter, very refreshed with full of energy.
    Happy to recommend to anyone wishing to an enema cleansing program.

  3. Kylie (verified owner)

    I was initially sceptical about doing coffee enema’s as part of a health protocol to improve gut microbiome. However I hesitantly ordered the silicone enema kit and it arrived promptly and efficiently, packaged under another name which was great to know when getting it delivered to work. The kit has been very easy to use and easy to clean. I have also travelled with it and it packs flat into any suitcase or bag. I had some problems with the flow through the kit initially and contacted Amanda directly. She has been amazing and so helpful! The customer service is second to none which is very reassuring. Having now been using the kit for over a month I can say as someone who wasn’t quite sure at first that using this kit has made some significant changes to my health. It is easy to use, and most of all transport.

  4. Pasha (verified owner)

    The enema kit arrived promptly. i had been using an older one for the past few years, this equipment is easier to use and to clean. i experience symptoms of fybromyalgia so am currently using the coffee enema every morning for the past 2 weeks. i feel energized after it, like an inner glow. The pain has reduced to almost nothing and i feel more flexibility in my joints.there is no longer any abdominal bloating and i am noticing deeper levels of cleansing than with normal water enemas
    The equipment is easy to store and i feel confident it is doing me good. i thoroughly recommend people buying this product

  5. Kate (verified owner)

    I have found the coffee enemas so easy to use and I definitely feel better. My stomach is flatter and my skin is better. I have more energy and just feel overall much better. I will continue to use the coffee enemas. These products are so good, easy to use and clean and the results are fantastic. I would highly recommend Enema Kits Australia. Their customer service is outstanding as well and the kit arrived one day after ordering…amazing

  6. Ruby Grace (verified owner)

    Fast & discreet service & delivery from Enema Kits Australia. I chose the silicone kit…I was a little uneasy in using this for the first time and was a slow starter, but when I did eventually try it, I realised I was stressing for nothing. I use the enema kit every second or third evening before bed and it’s very easy to use, no mess, no fuss. I feel lighter & better in my tummy and my head feels so much clearer too. I use to do the adhoc colonics which cost me $95 per session, this is so much easier to use, can use twice a day if I wish and saves me so much time and money. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to improve their health.

  7. Old Bloke (verified owner)

    Been clearing my system of parasites for months,did “bob Beck”protocol (all machines & colloidal silver).Black walnut,Sauna,Chemist tablets,but I should have bought this enema kit first,the pesky blighters just go hide in the gunk if you don’t clean it out first,it’s a bit daunting at first but easy after you do 1 or 2.I would suggest any one going to do a full system clean out to get one of these enema kits (This company service is v good)I use plain warm filtered water first then tried coffee,then baking soda (this energizes you so better early in the day rather than before bed)I’m near 70 yrs old worked with animals for much of my life,always kept their systems clean but not as fastidious as i should have been with myself.Do yourselves a favour and get one of these enema kits.(better late than never)

  8. Lisa H (verified owner)

    A convenient way to maintain intestinal health, far more comfortable than colonic irrigation.
    Easy and comfortable to use.

  9. Joan (verified owner)

    Doing coffee enemas is not new to me. I continue with them because of their great benefits. My new silicone kit is the rolls royce kit.; the best I have used and love that I can just replace the nozzle if ever needed and I don’t have to buy a whole new kit. Highly recommend it.

  10. Wildcat

    This really is the ultimate in home enema equipment and I’ve had a few in my time. It’s made of high quality materials and for the basically insignificant extra cost, I would say without doubt pay the bit extra and buy this product over the others; you won’t regret it at all. I’ve been doing enemas for years and with experience, I can now tell when my body needs an extra bit of help to eliminate toxins, and I also know how to get rid of headaches or nip colds in the bud too.

  11. Suzie (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and clean though for someone with arthritic fingers the plastic clamp was slightly difficult to use. Otherwise, an excellent product.

  12. GO VEGO (verified owner)

    The top of range silicone kit arrived promptly. Excellent material and nozzle soft. I Haven’t done this for decades so forgot what it’s like. Got reminded real quick. Thought tummy was gonna burst & I fought hard to hold then it was time to release. At first not a great deal of relief. Then after a short wait it was the 2nd coming then the results were clear and evident. Then after another short break I felt empathy for women as i thought my waters broke and my goodness, there was great relief and odours and liquorice allsorts, shivers. I recommend regular cleansing. I felt calm all day and didn’t crave for breakfast or lunch. I only ate dinner. I just didn’t feel hungry or the need to binge. I feel better and look and feel more alive. It’s gotta help its just so logical especially after you witness the huge deepest cleansing. You know you have saved yourself from absorbing that trash.
    Good on you, I hope this is inspiring. Just a tip, because the silicone is high grade I found it easier to hold end of tube with a clean hand towel. Its rather slippery and evasive otherwise, for total control.

  13. Brian (verified owner)

    Placed another order for a family member. Excellent product – makes my day. Just try it….Cheers, Brian

  14. Anna (verified owner)

    AMAZING!!! Super quick delivery and I have done many many enemas since. Super helpful staff as well!

  15. monika

    Great product, the silicone is very strong and doesn’t break as happened before using other products, easy to clean, I’m very happy with it! the delivery is very quick…

  16. Audrey Aw (verified owner)

    Overall a reliable product. good nozzle and easy to clean.

  17. Fiona (verified owner)

    I was a bit nervous about buying my enema kit. I spoke to someone on line and they were able to put my mind at ease. When it arrived and I used it the first time I found it easier to use than I expected. I’m looking forward to continued usage and trying coffee enemas next.
    Thankyou for a wonderful product.

  18. Lea (verified owner)

    Coffee enemas have been incredible in helping me get my health back on track.
    I found the product perfectly as described and I’m very happy about how it works. Would definitely recommend it

  19. ShellJac (verified owner)

    This is the first enema kit I have purchased, previously having had professional colonics done on a regular and costly basis.. I was worried about the ease of use and the cleanliness issues with this product. Let me assure you – you need not worry. This kit is easy to use, easy to clean and extremely efficient. I have been extremely happy with it. Once you order your kit it will be at your door in a discrete parcel within days.

  20. David (verified owner)

    Great product, Well made, easy to use and clean. Recommended

  21. esther (verified owner)

    Great product, I’m really happy with this kit. Easy to use (and to hang) , to transport and to clean. Also really appreciated the friendly service and info on coffee enemas.

  22. Hannah (verified owner)

    Really happy with the kit! Arrived within 2 working days with no issues.
    Comes with full instructions and is so easy to use! I was worried about doing the enemas but it is gentle and reliving. My skin has become softer. I would definitely recommend this to others.

  23. Ted Bullpit. (verified owner)

    I have purchased the enema kit three weeks ago, and in that time I have only used it (3 times ) once each week it really has helped me immensely. I suffer from diverticulitis & IBS,I am 63yrs old, my bowel movements have completely returned to normal regularity, the best they have been for 30 yrs. I am feeling much lighter, younger, fitter and happier within myself. If I knew of these kits sooner I would have purchased one years ago.

  24. Ted (verified owner)

    I should have bought is enema kit sooner, it has made the world of difference to me, I have not been this good for 30 years I feel lighter fitter and a lot happier in myself on bowel movements have completely returned to normal, and I am only using it once a week. I am 63 Yrs old.

  25. Rima

    LOVE my enema kit!! I suffer from digestive gut issues and a very slow bowel! I have always wanted to do an emema as I have read alot of wonderful benefits from doing them! I finally bought up the courage to buy a kit and give it ago and I must say it’s the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. I couldn’t Believe how easy it was and how amazing I’m feeling! I highly recommend buying and doing one as often as you can a great detox and clean!!

  26. grace

    I am a first time user, easy to use. I feel so much more better after each use.

  27. Cherie (verified owner)

    I have been using my enema kit daily and sometimes twice a day for the past few weeks to kill the Candida albicans yeast overgrowth that I have had for 7 years (I changed my diet which stabilised candida but did not kill it). I have been using black walnut tincture and Himalayan sea salt in the enema along with drinking diatomaceous earth to kill the candida and it is working; to my amazement…I feel terrific. No die off symptoms and my brain fog and sugar cravings are disappearing. A few more weeks to go and I should be in perfect health. Going forward, I will keep using the enema kit to do periodic detoxing to keep the candida away.

  28. Kate (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for about a week and can’t believe how well I feel! Its easy to use, and actually, for someone with two kids, so nice to have a time out and have a lie down!

  29. EnemaHappy

    I’ve been using the same enema silicone kit for twice a day for 2 months and feel great. My brain fog has gone, I’m feeling the most healthiest I’ve felt in my life and am able to fit into clothes I used to wear when I was much slimmer. I’m so impressed with the results I have purchased kits for my partner and parents.

  30. Missy (verified owner)

    I have been using the kit for the last month and feeling very much lighter and less bloated. It took me a few goes to get the hang of it ( had a few spills), not as flexable as I would like to be. I treat my sessions as a way to relax, read a book and put some soft music on, also helps to be the only one at home 🙂 I will certainly continue at least once a week, as a preventative measure and to help gain optimum health.

  31. Veronique Gineste (verified owner)

    Good but needs a better clamp due it’s hard to close it. I am forced to use my hand to squeeze the tube. Hopefully will get a better clamp soon.

    • Sarah

      Hi Veronique, thank you for the feedback. We have now improved the clamps and made them larger so that they are much easier to use.

  32. Nush

    My dads been using this product and its great!. We definitely saw a difference and hope it continues! Now we are ordering more enemas for the rest of our family!

    • Sarah

      Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback and happy to hear the product has made a difference.

  33. Rhonda (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the silicone enema kit which I recently received. It is very easy to use. I would certainly order other products in the future. Rhonda

  34. Shirley

    Fast delivery easy to use instructions great quality coffe would highly recommend

  35. MR (verified owner)

    The silicone enema kit is great! I’ve been doing coffee enemas for almost a year now and have previously been using the cheaper disposable enema kits. The silicone kit is much more durable and easier to clean. Adopting a healthy whole foods diet and doing regular coffee enemas has helped me gradually detox and heal my body. I have also found that a coffee enema is the best remedy for a headache or even migraine 🙂 In case of a severe migraine you might have to do two enemas back to back or a few hours apart to feel better.

  36. Gail Scholz (verified owner)

    I received my kit a week ago and found it really easy to use and to clean. I will definitely be using it regularly for my gut issues and highly recommend it to anyone who is curious and wants to feel more lively and energetic and get that glow back. Thanks so much to the staff and their help with my questions, excellent service

  37. fongliu (verified owner)

    Recently I ordered a 2L anemia kit, the service was fantastic and very good quality product. I am only a beginner in using colonic irrigation. Will transition into coffee anemia in the near future to improve gut health and allergies issue.

  38. Kiska Pusica

    Silicon Enema Bag is a Fantastic Product, have been using it for the last three years. Bought the replacement tube and tip. Thank you Enema Kits Australia.

  39. Bonnie

    I have been using the kit for a year now and my health has improved and I am more relaxed using it, however this morning I was shocked to find the tube has black mould forming inside, got help from LiveChat and the most helpful agent suggested that I boil the silicone bag (as my helpful hubby tried to clean them out together in a tub of water) and the tube separately. Has anyone experience such situation. I am great and almost OCDish (teehee) with hygiene, thus the shock and the bathroom is clean and airy, as no one uses it except occasionally by grand babies. Minus one star due to mould or else perfection.

  40. Karen Marion

    I have just received my Silicon Enema Bag and This is THE MOST amazing enema kit I have ever seen. I have used others that have either small mouths (as they are also hot water bottles) or are not sturdy (made from thin plastic, etc.). Also, it doesn’t have that horrible plastic smell that other new enema kits have. I am seriously impressed and cannot wait to try it!
    Also wanted to comment on my customer service experience (on phone in office and on chat) . All contacts – pre-order, placing the order (I did it over the phone, not online) and live chat just now – were superb: friendly, helpful and prompt!

  41. Jessica (verified owner)

    This product is amazing!! was expecting to spend more after the prices I had seen elsewhere. This product and the customer service are awesome. They answered all the questions I had.

    I was bedridden for 5 years with a chronic health condition that every doctor I went to, couldn’t diagnose or treat. I’d lost hope and thought I’d try this and give it one more shot and overcoming. I feel amazing. Within months, I have gone from being in severe pain every day, to now studying full time and no pain at all. This has been a saving grace.

    It’s not hard to get over the ick factor. The minute you feel a difference, that idea goes. And then it slowly turns into a self care ritual. I never thought I’d feel that way about it.

  42. Brian (verified owner)

    Arrived within a day or two. Very happy with Kit. Use it each week and feel much healthier. I am ordering another kit for family member that needs their plumbing cleaned out.

  43. Sharon Wellesley (verified owner)

    It’s a great kit and after only a week of use in conjunction with juicing and vegetarian diet I was surprised to have released some nasty parasites! It has also helped with bloating, migraines and brain fog.

  44. norma_philippe (verified owner)

    BEST. THING. EVER!! Instantly my mood was lifted, I felt lighter and brain fog, GONE! Love, love, love this!

  45. Kimberley Scott (verified owner)

    Very happy with my enema kit! I mainly use it when I travel, as that is when my normal rhythm goes out of balance. I used it on the third day of my holiday (after no bowel movements for 2 days) and it absolutely did the trick. The day after doing it I was back to normal! I love this enema kit, I honestly wish I had known about enemas a long time ago. The only one slight negative is just that I find it quite hard to get all the rubber tubing and the tip all disconnected from each other for sterilizing, and the reassembling can be a little tricky to get the rubber bits over the attachments. But otherwise I/m very happy.

  46. T (verified owner)

    I’ve just received my Silicone Enema Kit. The delivery was fast, and I love the kit – very happy with the quality and the ease of use. Much better than my old one.

  47. Kristen Zammit (verified owner)

    Have been doing coffee enemas the past 14 years and love the benefits. The silicon container is great as our last ones was plastic. Easy to clean and store. Previous kit had a longer silicon tip which was much better, but I’m sure we will get use to it.

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Q: what solutions are used other than coffee?
— Asked by Suzy on May 5, 2017
A: Thank you Suzy for your question. You can also use water that has been boiled and then cooled or distilled water.
— http://Lucy%20Fenton
Q: I'm interested in buying the silicon enema kit and wondering if you need to change the replacement tip after each enema?
— Asked by Joseph Mikhael on September 26, 2016
A: Hi Joseph. No, if you thoroughly clean the tip after each use, the tip can be re-used multiple times.
— http://Kim%20Bloch

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