Disposable Enema Kit 1.5 L (0.1kg)

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These disposable enema kits are perfect for travelling or short time use. They have a pre-lubricated tip, and flow clamp for ease of use. It also includes a sachet of Castile Soap and a leak pad for comfort. This is also the perfect kit for those who are new to enemas, and want to give it a try without investing in a higher quality kit. The slim tube is easy to use, and reaches high into the colon.

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Whether you’re on a short trip or away from home for a few days, you don’t need to miss out on your regular enema with this disposable latex free kit. Light and easy to carry it’s ready to use and you can discard it once you’ve completed the process, or clean and re-use a number of times.

This is also the perfect kit for those who are new to enemas, and want to give it a try without investing in a higher quality kit. The slim tube is easy to use, and reaches high into the colon.


– 1500 ml bag

– lubricated tip

– 54 inch rounded tubing

– castile soap

– tubing clamp

– leak proof pad

– Full Instructions are included.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 1 × 13 cm

35 reviews for Disposable Enema Kit 1.5 L (0.1kg)

  1. Sophia (verified owner)

    The instructions are incredibly clear and i feel really totally purified and clean, it was an amazing experience and I definitely can’t wait to do it again

  2. Cathy

    So easy to use. I like how the volumes are indicated along the edge for easy measurements. Feeling great!

  3. Elizabeth

    For me, occasional enemas give more energy, better sleep, just generally a feeling of well-being, and lessens the appetite. They are much easier and more pleasant than I imagined them to be before trying. I believe they are a fast and easy way to eliminate toxins and build-up of unneccessary materials in the lower part of the colon (which may possibly include parasites for some). All of this material could cause innumerable health issues, albeit minor and chronic or something more serious. I am very grateful to have discovered the benefits of enemas, which I believe in my case have been enormous. Thanks to the staff at enema kits Australia for their great products.

  4. Ray (verified owner)

    Great service and easy to
    Use ! Feeling great

  5. Andy

    Never thought I would have ever done this myself but now I wouldn’t turn back! This will be a regular part of my life! Great cleanser and awesome if fasting at same time!

  6. Wayne

    Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! Early days yet, only done a few, but I’m feeling better and my skin has started to improve.

  7. G I

    I am in love you coffee enema products! The instructions are clear to follow and it is such an easy product to use, the weightlessness feeling afterwards is wonderful. I admit I have some very indulging weekends and it can leave me feeling so sluggish and bloated, I find using the enema relieves that instantly PLUS I?ve been sleeping much better which in itself has so many wonderful benefits. Highly recommend!!!!

  8. AD (verified owner)

    Fast delivey, very convenient and space saving bags.

  9. Happy Customer

    Disposable kit perfect for travelling, discrete and easy to use. The pre-made coffee sachets that were purchased along with it are nothing short of miraculous and a welcome addition to my health regime. In a short time I noticed marked change in my mood and energy levels, easy early rises and overall feeling of lightness and calm. Very pleased with the products.

    • Sarah Kammigan

      We love to hear about the positive effects people are feeling. Thank you!

  10. Pleasantly suprised

    At first I was a little apprehensive as i had never used an enema kit. It was really easy and I feel i will continue to use them for my health and well being

  11. Audrey Aw

    Easy to use, very apt for travel.

  12. Nadine

    Was a great way to start out

  13. Crystal Dubrev (verified owner)

    Easy to use, and great for travelling. But the clamp is difficult to work for stopping/starting water flow.

  14. Kathryn Chandler (verified owner)

    The kit was easy to use with clear instructions. I have been using it to do probiotic enemas about once a week for the past month and already my entire system is feeling more cleansed. I’m not as bloated, my skin has improved dramatically and is almost completely clear again, even my mood has improved as I’m not feeling aggravated from digestive discomfort. I highly recommend enema kits! 🙂

  15. Debbie (verified owner)

    Very unsure to begin with but knew to truly benefit from a detox I needed to do an enema…the disposable kit was perfect for me as it was user friendly no complicated instructions to follow and although I felt a bit clumsy to start with the more I use it the easier the whole process has become…I will be upgrading!

  16. Mindy (verified owner)

    At first I was a little nervous to try this as i had never used an enema kit. It was really easy and I feel i will continue to use them for my health and well being. Felt really great after my first use. Will definitely try it again 🙂

  17. Sheng-Wen (verified owner)

    Great product. Very easy to use.

  18. E.Y (verified owner)

    Great option for beginners. Never done an enema before and was really nervous and scared and didn?t want to spend extra for a kit till I trailed it. The disposable kits were the Perfect solution for me! So easy to use and it wasn?t as daunting and as bad as I thought. Will definitely be purchasing more to do regularly.

  19. Esther (verified owner)

    Very easy to use. No cleaning required and just dispose of once finished. Great! No messy clean up! Hehe. Highly recommend for beginners and frequent users.

  20. Sam M (verified owner)

    First Time User, very easy to use, felt great afterwards.

  21. Corina Graham (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Easy to use for beginners (like me)

  22. Francesca (verified owner)

    It was the first time for me and it was super easy to use it! Already after the first time I felt clean and purify, I feel lighter and my skin looks so much better – no more pimples! – I love it! Thank you for an amazing transaction.

  23. Kate (verified owner)

    Was awesome felt less bloated and clean and light after. Feel like i have more energy and less brain flog. Cant wait to purchase more and do again

  24. Robert Cocks (verified owner)

    An easy use item, this was my first trial into this type of product and the volume of waste it got rid of surprised me, I no longer feel bloated and after four days feel like I have more energy

  25. Maree David

    I think everyone should do this!!..It really is very easy and comfortable… it really makes sense to clean your insides….I think this will become a lifestyle choice….. the benefits have been awesome to say the least!…. energy levels were high, mood was more stable, skin clearer, and sleep better…..Can’t believe Doctors never mention this….I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  26. Joan (verified owner)

    Hoping this helps with my digestion issues, only used once and feeling good already am going to order the coffee solution next.

  27. romany

    I felt relieved almost straight away after evacuating the liquid! My eyes are brighter and I don’t feel so tired. I’m going to try a coffee enema tomorrow. P.S. the instructions were very helpful and easy to follow.

  28. Still Happy

    I’ve been buying these from my local shop but I couldn’t go past the value of buying them online. I would like to have the option of having the delivery to the door though.

  29. Amanda Taylor

    First time user so was a little nervous. But it was so easy to use and leaves you feeling nice and clean! Delivery was fast also!

  30. Trish (verified owner)

    Grain fog and bad moods gone! Feel so much better and clearer and a nicer person ?

  31. Anonymous

    I am a first time user, so I was extremely nervous and to be honest felt a little silly at first BUT, oh my goodness, the results were instant so it was so worth it. I had been severely constipated for over 3 months and had tried absolutely every natural and medication solution with no luck at all. After just 10 minutes on the first enema, I had wonderful relief with no side effects! The instructions were very easy to follow and great value for money. If I could offer one suggestion to the manufacturer, it would be to please consider developing an arthritis friendly “stopper” to open and close the flow as I did find it quite challenging due to the arthritis in my fingers, other than that I was extremely pleased and will definitely make sure I keep these in my home so I can use them whenever need. After getting such great results I know I use them again instead of wasting my time trialing other remedies for constipation and I’m considering making them a regular part of my Lyme disease detox.

  32. kmittiga (verified owner)

    easy to understand and use, also easy to clean. feeling energised today (the day after). cant wait to do another. am ordering for my husband now too.

  33. Kerryn

    First time user. Prompt delivery and Ive noticed less bloating and have been able to shift a couple of stubborn kilos. Will be doing as a regular part of my health regimen. One word of advice (for anyone who hasn’t done this before). Remove the blue tube cover at the end. As silly as it sounds, I thought it was just part of the tube(!!) and wondered why the liquid was not moving very quickly. Realised this second time around and worked much better.

  34. T (verified owner)

    Easy to follow instructions, sterile, discreet packaging which was great since I had it delivered to my workplace! The process was painless and I definitely felt much better afterwards!

  35. Jackie

    Fast, discreet delivery, easy to use with clear instructions, and although it’s early days yet I am hopeful that I will continue to see improvements in my sleep, and my energy levels.

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— Asked by Sally Sedwick on June 4, 2018
A: Hi Sally. Yes, you can hang the bag. At the top there is a hole to allow for hanging. However, this particular bag does not come with a hook to hang with.
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