Bonvit Slippery Elm Powder 125g


Wildcrafted slippery elm powder with no fillers, flavours, preservatives, colours, sweeteners and is gluten free. Perfect for your digestive health.

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Slippery elm powder or ulmus rubra muhl is derived from the inner bark of the slippery elm tree. It has mucilage properties which expands in the digestive system and assists to soothe any inflammation of the digestive tract and provide a protective barrier. Slippery elm has many medicinal benefits and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s great for Vegans and Vegetarians. It provides many benefits including improving constipation, aids in weight loss, is used for people with IBS and many other health problems.

This wildcrafted slippery elm powder is from the United States and is both halal and kosher. The product has no filers, preservatives, is non-GMO and is gluten free.

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