Natural Colon Cleanse Sydney ? What You Need To Know

Natural Colon Cleanse Sydney ? What You Need To Know


Natural colon cleansing was practiced by the ancient Greeks, and its popularity grew in the western world during the 1920s and 1930s.

Rapid advances in the world of medicine, saw a sharp drop in popularity in the decades which followed. More recently, a rising interest in chemical-free healthcare solutions, has seen resurgence in Natural colon Cleansing options in Sydney.

Australian Colon Health

One of the reasons for the renewed interest in natural colon cleanse procedures is the increase in colon related diseases. According to Cancer Australia, it is estimated that 16,682 ?new colorectal cancer cases were diagnosed in 2013 and in 2017 one in every thirteen Australians will contract the disease by the time they reach the age of 85.

It is also estimated that colorectal cancer is now the second most common cause of cancer. Lack of exercise, poor diet, stress and pollution are believed to be some of the reasons for the poor Australian Colon Health.

According to the Gut Foundation, Australia, half of all Australians complain of a digestive problem within a 12 month period. Most people know at least one person who has an ulcer, colitis, heartburn, bowel cancer or irritable bowel syndrome.

The number of incidences of gut related problems is growing and shows no signs of decline.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Sydney ? Is It a Safe Option?

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a process where warm filtered water is gently infused into the ?colon through a thin tube to clear away the fecal matter, parasites and mucus.

The theory behind natural colonic cleanse procedures such as colonic hydrotherapy goes back to a theory called autointoxication. According to this theory, undigested food in the colon causes mucus buildup which produces toxins. When toxins enter the body, the human circulatory system, they poison the body, which leads to life-threatening diseases.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is performed in a clinic and does not involve the injection of chemicals in the body and is a relatively safe procedure. The downside of the process is that it can be quite expensive, depending on the number of times the procedure needs to be done. Colonic Irrigation?in Sydney can cost around $95 or more per session.

There?s also the inconvenience of making bookings at a clinic, taking time off work and suffering long commutes if the clinic is not at a convenient location.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Review

While you may find it easy to search for a clinic in your local area, it?s worthwhile to Google, ?Colonic Hydrotherapy Review?, and find out whether others who have received treatment at the clinic are happy with the service.

Considering that you will have to trust a complete stranger ?to administer the hydrotherapy, it?s important to know that ?the clinic has professionally trained staff who aren?t just good at what they do, but will also make you feel comfortable.

When reading the reviews, keep in mind there may be a few isolated cases where the patient was unsatisfied. If there are an overwhelming number of positive reviews and one or two negative ones, you can still consider visiting the clinic, as there are always one or two customers who make it a habit to write negative reviews.

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Intestinal Cleanse in the Privacy of Your Home

For many Australians who are hesitant to visit a clinic for an intestinal cleanse, there are now DIY solutions, which can be administered at home. One of the most popular products which are even used by celebrities are coffee enemas. Coffee enema kits can be easily purchased online from reputable online health stores.

In fact, at Enema Kits Australia we have a range of kits and also provide coffee solutions so you can administer an enema whenever you feel sluggish, bloated or tired for no apparent reason. Click Here to browse through our online store or ? ? Call 0414 064 491 if you have any questions.

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