Colon Hydrotherapy Perth ? Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

Colon Hydrotherapy Perth ? Questions You Always Wanted to Ask


Whether you?re planning a colonoscopy or want to get rid of; bloating, constipation or sluggishness, one of the options you may be considering is a Colon Hydrotherapy in a Perth clinic.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural procedure for softening and eliminating hardened faeces from the colon which has accumulated over several years.

A periodic cleanse can help cleanse waste buildup from entering the bloodstream and prevent many gut-related life-threatening illnesses ?such as bowel cancer.

Here are some questions you may have always wanted to ask, but didn?t know whom to turn to:

Is a Colonic in Perth Expensive?

Depending on the clinic you choose, a colonic can cost you around $75 to $80 per session. The procedure is carried out in the presence of a trained practitioner and involves flushing out waste from the colon by injecting several litres of water in the body. This requires a thin tube to be inserted in the rectum.

When considering the cost, it?s important to factor in the number of repeats, recommended by the practitioner, as you may require three to four procedures for best results depending on your situation.

In addition, taking time off work, travel and parking could add significantly to the cost of a colonic.

Will a Water Colon Cleanse Help Me Lose Weight?

A colon hydrotherapy session is the same as having regular bowel movements all at once. The hardened faeces stored in your colon over the years may weigh around 4 kg, and in just two to four sessions, you could experience some weight loss.

More than just losing a few kilos, a water colon cleanse can help in providing the right start for a weight-loss program. The danger with most weight loss programs is that once the weight is lost, it quickly creeps back again.

Just like any weight loss program, it?s important to adopt a healthy diet and exercise for lasting results.

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Is the Colon Cleanse Procedure Comfortable,Safe and Pain-Free?

Colon hydrotherapy equipment is cleaned and thoroughly sterilised after every use to avoid any risk of infection. The treatment room is also disinfected by practitioners after every session to ensure the safety of patients.

Water is injected in the colon at a very low gravitational pressure, so there?s very little chance of bowel perforation.

The water temperature and pressure are monitored and controlled, throughout the procedure so the patient feels comfortable at all times.

A colon hydrotherapy is pain-free and many people enjoy the sensation of water flowing into their body. At times, the colon muscles can contract expelling a significant amount of waste and liquid in the rectum. This could feel like gas or cramping and an urge to visit the toilet. These instances are brief and not painful.

Since the therapist can control the water pressure and temperature, in the unlikely event of discomfort, it can be reduced immediately by making a few minor adjustments.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy Perth ? How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Colonic Hydrotherapy is not a one size fits all solution. Much depends on an individual?s bowel condition and how well it responds to the procedure.

Since the waste is accumulated over several years, it will take repeated sessions to remove it. Healthy people will require between 4 to 6 sessions. Additional sessions, if required should be discussed with the hydrotherapist.

After the initial treatment is complete and the colon is clean, you may choose to have a colon hydrotherapy procedure every quarter or more often for maintenance.

Can I Do a Colon Cleanse at Home?

If you don?t feel comfortable about visiting a hydrotherapist or just don?t have the time to spare, now you can carry out a colon cleanse at home using an enema kit.

People all over the world have been experience excellent results, especially with coffee enemas, which can now be purchased online.

At Enema Kits Australia, we have a range of high quality enema kits you can use at home. The kits come with coffee solutions and are delivered to your home.

The equipment can be cleaned and reused several times, so all you need for repeat uses is additional quantities of enema solution when these run out.

Browse our online store and place an order?or if you prefer call us on 0414 064 491, and we?ll be glad to help with any more questions you may have.

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