Colon Cleansing Sydney ? How It?s Changing Lives

Colon Cleansing Sydney ? How It?s Changing Lives


Did you know that 90% of people will have health issues caused by parasites in their system? Most people associate parasites as a malady for those living in developing countries. However according to the World Health Organization (WHO), parasites are among the top six dangerous health infections for us humans.

Almost everybody has parasites and the human intestines are their ideal breeding ground. Parasites make themselves feel at home in the lining of colon walls and waste inside the colon. These microorganisms living inside the intestines easily adapt themselves to the environment, multiply and thrive.

Many people have as much as 4.5 kg of hardened fecal matter and undigested food trapped in their intestinal tract, providing parasites with the perfect breeding ground. The hardened fecal waste is the result of a poor diet, stress and lack of adequate exercise.

The common symptoms of colon which needs cleaning is sluggishness, frequent tiredness, stomach bloating and headaches.

Colon cleansing not only helps in restoring energy and vitality, but can also ward off ?life-threatening illnesses such as bowel cancer. Excess waste which is present in the system for many years is removed, resulting in a digestive tract that functions properly.

Colon Cleanse Sydney ? Are Laxatives a Good Choice?

Many people turn to laxatives as a quick and easy way to clean their colon. Laxatives soften the stool and make it easy to pass stool from the body. However, many of them contain harsh chemicals which can cause harm if used regularly.

Regular use weakens muscles as they become dependent on laxatives for passing the stool. Another disadvantage of using laxatives is that in the process of cleaning the colon they get rid of the good bacteria such a probiotics along with the bad bacteria and interfere with the normal functioning of the digestive system.

The absence of probiotics in the colon can harm the liver and also create an imbalance in the pH levels of the body which could affect the digestive system and lead to poor absorption of nutrients in the body.

?Colonic Irrigation Sydney ? ?The Clinical Process to Flushing Out Toxins


Colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy is a clinical process of hydrating the colon to extract waste buildup and toxins from the colon so the digestive system can function efficiently.

During a colon irrigation process, purified warm water is released into the colon through a tube, inserted into the rectum. Once the colon is full, the water is flushed out along with feces buildup and toxins in the colon.

Colonic?is a relatively safe process when performed by a trained hydrotherapist. However it can cost around $95 per session and requires three to four sessions, for the colon to be cleaned effectively. Patients also have to schedule time for appointments and organise travel to and from the clinic which can be time consuming.

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Colonic Cleanse ? ?Why It?s Easier than Ever to Do It at Home

Many people aren?t aware that a colonic cleanse can be done at home, in complete privacy using an enema. In fact enemas have been around for thousands of years, but only recently have made a resurgence, as more people begin to understand the long-term damage caused by chemicals used in laxatives and other treatment options.

Depending on individual preference, enemas can be done using a number of different solutions such as coffee, Epsom salts, lemon juice, milk & molasses, even plain filtered water.

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