Celebrities That Use Enemas

Celebrities That Use Enemas

Celebrities have secrets that make them what they are. Some of them are shared secrets. The enema is a secret wellness tool of many a celebrity. Surprised? Don?t be. One of their secrets seems to be – the enema! Yucky? Not so. What is yucky is having that ?stuff? up your intestine. What is clean and cool is to have that stuff out of your system for good. So you are now in on one of the shared secrets of celebrities. Read on for experiential insights and information on which celebrities swear by the enema.

Here comes the juicy bit – the listing of the celebrities that practice enemas:

1) Princess Diana

Think of glamour and tshutterstock_271361339wo in five will think of the late Princess Diana. Princess Diana, one of the most glamorous figures of the last century is today recognized as one of the biggest advocates of colon hydrotherapy. Every bit of her was glamorous, but who could imagine their colon would be the focus of the world. But that is what happened; British newspapers reported that the princess had spent over $4300 per year on colon grooming. In 1993 the Globe reported that Princess Diana cleaned her colon thrice a week using 12 gallons of water. It supposedly freed her from a number of ailments – Candida, depression, allergies, tiredness, headaches, and anorexia. If princess can, so can you.

The tabloids reported very non-discreetly that secret of the princesses beauty was the ?royal flush? she gave her body! Princess Diana said her beautiful hair and skin was due to the enemas. She said it solved her binging and purging as well as her migraines. Suddenly everyone was interested in what an enema was.

Celebrities aren?t just glamour figurines. They are also leaders in style and practice and thought. That is why what celebrities experiment with and practice becomes more important. Enemas have been a hush-hush topic for a long time, now however, celebrities speak openly about this once taboo subject.

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Many of them reveal the effect it has had on their overall health and wellness. Some of these celebrities are:

2) Gwyneth Paltrow



Gwyneth Paltrow has had so much success with colon cleansing that she is not a mere practitioner of if anymore. She has teamed up with a firm and created her own regimen of cleansing. It is called the GOOP Cleanse. The firm states that this treatment leaves the practitioners feeling lighter and healthier by expelling toxic waste from the body.

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3) Britney Spears


Britney Spears is known for a number of problems she went through as a celebrity. Britney Spears has undergone a dramatic re-transformation. Perhaps the credit for this goes, at least partially to the practices she follows for cleansing the colon. Rumor has it that her father motivated her to try this after he tried cleansing the colon and discovered the benefits it gave him.

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4) Leonardo DiCaprio

shutterstock_283046453According to DiCaprio, he was initially reluctant to try colon cleansing. He tried it, and according to him, he does not regret it.

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5) Madonna

shutterstock_169835438Madonna, one of the biggest stars of recent times is another who swears by the process of cleansing the colon. According to her, diet and exercise has contributed greatly to her health, but so has cleansing her colon. She uses colon hydrotherapy (colonic). A colonic is like an enema in many ways. Water is used to flush out toxins and putrefied waste. Some add herbs, enzymes, and probiotics for greater cleansing.

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6) Oprah Winfrey

shutterstock_274825223Anything Oprah endorses makes it big, and with good reason – she chooses well. Oprah has tried colon cleansing and she has made her success with colon cleansing quite public. She has endorsed colonics on her show.

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7) Kourtney Kardashian

shutterstock_59443210Another celebrity that endorses the uses of enemas for purifying the body is a Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian. In ?Kourtney and Kim Take New York,? Kim Kardashian was offered a cleansing treatment in a spa. Kim Kardashian did not go for the treatment, but Kourtney did. She felt it was a superb method to rid the body of toxic waste. She recommends oil enemas for everyone.

She then tweeted to her followers – “I love oil enemas! I recommend them to all of you freaks…trust me when I say life changing! #kktny (sic)”

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8) Mae West

Mae West was one of the biggest stars of her era. It is believed that Mae West was someone whose beauty, vitality, and intelligence were largely due to the enemas she took daily. Here?s more on Mae West?s Enema

There are several other celebrities who love enemas including – Ben Affleck, Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore.

One of the perks of celebrity life is that you get others to do things for you. Celebrities usually prefer enemas done by professionals – called colon hydrotherapy. Once they are done, they feel energetic and fresh. The reason a colonic makes the client feel better is that layers of putrefied waste and debris that is harmful to the body gets removed. In addition, yeast, Candida, and parasites are excreted after cleansing of the colon that makes the client feel great. It also removes belly fat because often waste is deposited on the belly rather than fat.

Both Brad Pitt and Madonna credit their good health in part to colon cleansing. Also of course colon cleansing keeps the stomach light. Apart from increasing energy, one reason celebrities go for colon cleansing is that it beautifies appearance.

9) Prince Charles

shutterstock_346227800The Prince of Wales is another who endorsed Gerson Therapy. In the process he upset many in the medical industry. The Gerson Therapy is a natural way of curing cancer.

According to Amanda Hamilton this therapy helps control weight and relieve problems related to digestion. According to her – enemas are a great complementary practice to good food habits. In addition it is a superb way to remove toxins.

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On Kristen Suzanne’s blog she talks in great detail about her experiments with colonics and enemas and her learning from it.

Kristen admits that talk of speculums, colon, and poop is disgusting, but there is good reason to know the truth about enemas. At the time of writing her post, Kristen was mostly on raw food. People who thrive on raw food often love colonics and enemas – this wasn?t the case with Kristen. Like many Kristen though she never needed a colon cleanse – reason – she went to the bathroom enough.

She knew that the subject of enemas was surrounded by controversy. Some believed they were a panacea. Some thought they were harmful.

Kristen talks of evolution in life. As her life evolved, she took to enemas. Along with yoga, enemas, and colonics are a big part of her life now. After reading books on the subject, Kristen realized enemas help those who go to the bathroom regularly, as well as those who eat extremely healthy. Sometimes one just has to be open to possibilities was what Kristen Suzanne realized.

According to her, if you get headaches, acne, stress, or another illness of the body or mind, you are a good candidate for trying an enema.

Her research showed her that enemas have been in practice for an extremely long time. Did that indicate that there was something substantial about its practice?

Although she argues that her advice cannot substitute that of a medical practitioner, she says that colonics are a part of her life, and they could be a part of any one looking for good health.

Kristen started her journey by looking for information on the internet. She made her enema fun listening to iTunes and texting while doing it. From her experience she found that when she felt pressure, it was a good idea to massage her tummy and roll to either the left or the right. She advises massaging counter-clockwise while doing it.

If the filling phase – emptying the bag is complete, she says some people like to hold the water, she likes to empty her belly once the filling phase is complete.

She suggests the following for pregnant/breastfeeding women:

Usually enemas work for most people. However they detoxify the body quick. If a woman is breastfeeding and not eating healthy, then starting an enema suddenly is not wise. She suggests consulting a naturopath and researching. Starting an enema suddenly during pregnancy is not a great idea either according to Kristen.

Kristen reports that enemas have given her clear skin and her previously dry lips are moist. She feels upbeat, fantastic after doing enemas. It helped her with a headache as well as hunger pangs.

She suggests staying hydrated – drinking more water while on enemas.

After practicing enemas for a while she experimented with colonics. She was extremely surprised at the amount of waste that was excreted from her body when she performed this procedure. Her therapist informed her that she had a healthy colon – possibly due to her raw vegan diet. She was asked to undergo colonics not more than twice a year.

Who is a celebrity really? Rich? Beautiful? Famous? Why are they so? Is it something they do or something they are? Perhaps both. People are celebrities because of what they do, and what they are. You can?t change what you are, but you can change what you do. Enemas/colonics are a favorite practice of celebrities for a reason; find out for yourself, perhaps enemas might be just what you were looking for.

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  1. Interesting. I also was reluctant at first, but since my fianc?e performs them as part of her job, she talked me into trying a colon cleanse. And though it was very strange at first, after about 6 months, it’s become the norm (though of course she doesn’t give it to me regularly anymore, I pay someone else to do it.) But I certainly wouldn’t do something because a celebrity does it, you can never tell what’s true or not. I did it because she told me more about it, I did my research and found it to live up to it’s reputation. Do something like this for your overall betterment of health, not because celebrities do it. (And I’m sure most of us can’t afford to have it done as much as they do).

  2. Wow. I absolutely admire the late Princess Diana….she was the embodiment of a true classic lady. And to find out that she credits some of it to colon cleanse…..wow. And though I’ve never heard of Kristen Suzanne, reading her bit is good information. There certainly seems to be no harm in giving it a shot. Thanks for sharing this info. 🙂

  3. I do admire these celebrities for being an advocate and sharing the benefits of colon cleansing using enemas. Even I can attest that enemas worked and has been my companion for almost a month combating irritable bowel syndrome.

  4. I have begun a coffee enema cleanse & wonder if you can suggest a woman’s support group in nYC to meet with to discuss this detox method in privacy with like minded folk?

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    Thanks so much for the blog.Much thanks again. Will read on…

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