What exactly is an Enema?

An enema is a device which allows you to cleanse your colon from the comfort of your own home. The process involves?inserting fluid into the colon through the anus to expel its contents. It doesn?t sound too pleasant now doesn?t it? Look past it though and you?ll find that enemas offer a ton of benefits that you may have not known about.

Benefits of enema cleansing

The colon is an important part of your digestive system and is primarily responsible for collecting and removing waste and toxins from the body. It is also responsible for absorbing water and nutrients from our food intake before releasing it unto the blood stream. ?Needless to say, both functions are invaluable to one?s health and well-being. The problem comes when there exists a significant accumulation of toxins in the colon which has become surprisingly common now days considering our modern lifestyle and eating habits. These toxins spread throughout the body and lower water and nutrient absorption, increasing the risk of developing cancer and other chronic?diseases.

If haven?t been able to empty your bowel on a regular basis or if you?re experiencing considerable difficulty doing so then it might be a sign that your colon is overburdened by accumulated waste deposits and is in need of much needed cleansing ? undergoing enemas is the perfect way to do just that! The process allows liquid to enter the colon compacting and breaking up the waste deposits allowing it to be passed outside the body stimulating regular bowel movement.

Different additions to your enema can also provide a range of additional?benefits including:

  • Lemon Juice ? Helps cleanse the colon and adjust the pH in the colon.?
  • Apple cider vinegar ? Also a way to adjust the pH in the colon and clear out mucous from the body.
  • Catnip Tea ? Helps with constipation and can also?bring down a high fever.
  • Burdock Root ? Widely used in Asian societies, is known?to help flush out calcium deposits and sanitise the blood.
  • Chamomile tea ? Very soothing and effective.
  • Coffee ? Antioxidant and stimulates?bile and glutathione production in the body


Benefits of enema in weight loss

Yet another significant benefit of getting enemas is that it may aid in weight loss. Some people find it hard to lose weight even with healthy diet and regular exercise. Such difficulties can be attributed to the presence of accumulated waste and toxins in the body that interfere with the body?s metabolism. If that sounds a lot like you then enemas can be done to kick start the weight loss process.

So there you have it ? a few of the most significant benefits of enemas! Looking to get started? Why not make it a coffee enema? Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates both bile and glutathione production in the body making it several times more effective than ordinary water enema. Check out our fine selection of enema products and organic coffee enema solution here at Enema Kits. We are confident that you?ll find everything you need to thoroughly cleanse your body from the inside out.