10 Things About Colonic Irrigation You Need To Experience Yourself

10 Things About Colonic Irrigation You Need To Experience Yourself

10 Things about Colonic Irrigation You Need to Experience Yourself image by Enema KitsToday, almost everyone who has access to the Internet knows something about health, wellness and physical fitness. That?s because these concepts are always thrown at people, pointing out that they can achieve holistic health by doing this and that. Some of these are backed up by science, and some are not. Who cares? As long as it provides the results it promises, no one?s complaining.

However, if you truly want to make a change in your health, checking the outside is only half the story. Actually, the body?s true condition can be seen and checked from the inside. If you keep the inside of your body healthy and clean, beauty and glowing skin will naturally flow out of you.

How to Clean the Inner You ? Colonic Irrigation in Sydney

One of the health regime practices that are becoming popular these days is colonic irrigation. Also known as a colonic, this cleansing method relies heavily on water, thus the name. This procedure aims to clean the colon walls from compacted waste matter, toxins, bad bacteria, and even harmful substances that stay in the gut, and are not flushed out of the body.

Once these harmful substances accumulate over time, they might cause certain conditions to the gut, and the digestive system as a whole. You may be asking right now, ?where did they get that idea??

If you think colonic irrigation in Melbourne originated in Australia, or the United States, you are terribly mistaken. This procedure did not begin anywhere near our generation.

Royal Colonic Flush in Ancient Times

Even before colonic irrigation in Perth became a thing, it was already a popular cleansing and health regime in Egypt, ancient Egypt. According to archaeologists who love to dig around old civilisations, Egyptians were among the first peoples who thought about cleaning the colon.

Historians believe that early Egyptian scholars were not only scientific in their search for knowledge. They were also a bit superstitious. They believed that unclean food that stays in the body, particularly in the gut would lead to poisoning, which would result in death.

As a result, they required individuals among the nobility, or members of the royal family to undergo colon cleansing. Soon after, everyone else got into the habit of cleaning their digestive tracts. Fast-forward to today, and this method is still used even after thousands of years.

How is Colonic Irrigation in Brisbane Done?

If you are wondering how such a cleansing method managed to survive history, you may also want to know how it?s done. The cleansing is simple ? clean water passes through the speculum, equipment specially designed for colonics, and into the colon. Obviously, it needs to pass the anus first, which means a tube needed to be inserted.

Once the tube is in place, the equipment would pump litres and litres of water into the colon. At the same time, all sorts of waste matter also come out of the colon to be disposed. This process goes on and on for about 30 to 45 minutes.

So what happens after the entire procedure? Here?s where the good part is. In case you are still doubtful whether colonic irrigation in Adelaide is effective or not, here are 15 things that you will experience after the colon cleansing:

  1. It will improve the pH levels in your body. Research shows that colonics are capable of balancing the pH levels inside the body, particularly inside the gut area. This means the environment is neither too basic, nor too acidic.
  2. Colonics can reenergise you. A large percentage of people who underwent colonic cleansing claim that they feel more energised a few days after the procedure. What?s great is that this energy is not short lived, but continues to increase each day.
  3. You will become lighter. Immediately after the procedure, you will weigh less, probably due to the fact that you lost a lot of waste materials that were stuck inside your colon.
  4. It will flush out all the waste you?ve been taking for the past many years. Are you guilty that you did not eat the right kinds of food when you were younger? Don?t you worry. A colonic can cleanse any toxic substance, as well as chemicals that may have been caused by your poor diet in the past.
  5. Colon cleansing will boost your immune system. Because the colonic affects not only the gut but also other internal organs of the body, it washes away most harmful substances, and even bacteria that could lead to diseases.
  6. The procedure improves the peristaltic movement of your entire digestive tract. Peristalsis is the scientific term for the involuntary movement of the digestive tract in digesting food until the waste products are excreted from the body. When the body takes in water during the colonic, the tendency of the intestines is to move to expel the fluids. This continuous movement regulates peristalsis even after the procedure.
  7. It can help your blood circulation, particularly your ability to being alert. Colonic irrigation also affects the liver, which is responsible in filtering the blood of impurities, bacteria and harmful substances. Because the liver is cleansed, blood circulation will improve, preventing sleepiness.
  8. It leaves a good environment for good bacteria. Not all the bacteria are taken away from the colon. There are good bacteria that facilitates in the break down process of food. These microorganisms are needed by the colon, and are not flushed out.
  9. The colonic will take away your different bowel movement problems. Do you often experience problems with your bowel movement every morning? Do you sometimes experience diarrhea or constipation? All of these annoying experiences would soon disappear through continuous colon cleansing.
  10. Cleansing will improve colon?s function in absorbing water and nutrients. Aside from delivering waste matter to the rectum, the colon is also responsible in absorbing leftover water, as well as other nutrients that the small intestines may have left out. However, due to compacted waste sticking on colon walls, this function is impeded. Fortunately, this will be back to its tiptop condition after a colonic.

Undergoing colonic irrigation is not as complicated as it seems. Yes, it will include equipment that puts water into your colon, but it will also take away the impurities that are keeping your gut unhealthy.

Overview in Colonic Irrigation in Gold Coast

If you are interested in getting this particular cleansing treatment, then here are some of the things you will need to remember.

Choose a reputable clinic and physician

It is very important that you look for a trusted and experienced physician, and clinic that you can work with. Do not just settle for any establishment just because they offer the cheapest rates around. What?s more important is your health and safety.

Begin a healthy diet

While there are no step by step eating habits that you should do in preparing for the colonic irrigation, it is highly recommended that you check your meals prior to the procedure. For instance, some physicians suggest that the individual should only eat light meals before the cleansing.

Prepare your resources

When we say resources, this includes your time and finances. You have to set aside a particular date where you can undergo the colonic. Do not expect to get back to work right after the procedure. You may need to go to the bathroom several times after the colonic.


During the actual colonic, remember to relax. If you don?t, there?s a tendency for your anal muscles to push the tube of the equipment out. It will feel weird at first, but rest assured it would not be painful at all.

Enjoy the benefits

If you are able to follow these simple tips prior to the procedure and up to the actual colonic irrigation, you can be sure that you will reap its benefits. You will even be surprised to find out that such a strange method actually works.

These are just some simple steps that can help you cope with your first time in colonic irrigation. Once the procedure becomes successful, you won?t need to repeat the method for some time. Usually, it depends on the specialist or physician whether he or she would recommend another colonic soon. However, in most cases, colonics have months of interval.

Alternative colon cleansing methods

Meanwhile, another form of colon cleanse that provides similar benefits is what people call an enema. Enema cleansing works the same way, but only uses a small amount of fluid. Once the enema bag or pail has been emptied, the individual would then need to wait for about 10 minutes while the enema solution is inside his colon.

In comparison to a colonic, enemas area easier to perform, and can even be done at home. Many consider it as a home colonic, although the functions, methods and benefits vary.

Indeed, colonic irrigation can help bring out the trash from your gut, and keep your colon healthy and clean. Of course, this would not work well if the person would continue his poor eating habits.

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