Disposable Enema Kit 1.5 L 3 Pack

These Disposable Enemas are straight forward, and simply created with an all-inclusive design with everything needed for your at home enema. They are great for traveling, or for first time enema users that want to try enemas before investing in a premium kit. The colon tube is thin which enables it to reach higher into the colon for a deeper cleanse.

$32.90 $29.00


Enema Bulb, Irrigator and Rubber Enema Replacement Tips

Do you need to replace your tips with a new one? With this pack you don’t need to purchase a whole new kit of enema kits as you can purchase them separately here. The pack comes with 5 replaceable tips/nozzles that can last for several use which saves you time and money. These rubber tips are compatible with our 224 mL douche ball, 80 mL Bulb Irrigator and 2L Rubber Enema Kit.



Bowel Cancer (Digital)

Learn more about Bowel Cancer and find out about the symptoms, causes and healthy habits that will protect you. In this Ebook we’ve listed five symptoms you need to look out for. Use this free assessment to find out if your symptoms require further investigation and seek medical attention immediately.

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Enema Douche Bulb 224ml

Get a quick and easy cleanse with this portable, effective, squeezable personal cleansing tool. This Enema Douche Bulb has 224 ml capacity douche and a firm plastic tapered nozzle for quick and easy insertion. The soft rubber bulb allows you to control the flow of liquid once inserted. Experience a hassle free cleaning and great benefits of your enema kit without any trouble!